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Name Code Type
Academic Leadership M41EDN Module
Academic Writing and the Transnationalisation of Knowledge M08CAW Module
Advanced Academic Practice in Higher Education M03ODL Module
Advanced HE Professional Practice M03CSHE Module
Career Development M01CES Module
Continuing Professional Development M03CES Module
Delivering Extra-Curricular Activities in Schools A208CSU Module
Design Your Own Project A101DMLL Module
Designs for Learning Technology M36EDN Module
Develop Your Online Presence and Own Your Web Domain A202DMLL Module
Developing a Learning Project A201DMLL Module
Developing Academic Practice and Quality Enhancement in HE M06ODL Module
Developing an Applied Research Profile M42EDN Module
Developing Language Teaching Skills A204CHE Module
Employer Insight: Project Planning and Presenting A305CES Module
Global Professional Dev't - Creativity, Change & Innovation M003CRB Module
Global Professional Development M001CRB Module
Global Professional Development - Entrepreneurship 7005CRB Module
Information: Fact or Fiction A201EDN Module
Intercultural Ambassador Scheme A203CGE Module
Intercultural Research Scheme A301CGE Module
Introduction to Academic Practice in HE M02ODL Module
Introduction to Contemporary HE Practice M05ODL Module
Introduction to HE Professional Practice M02CSHE Module
Introduction to Teaching and Learning in HE M01ODL Module
Introduction to Teaching in HE M01CSHE Module
Issues in Professional Learning M37EDN Module
Leadership: Perspectives & Practice M02CES Module
Manage a Learning Project A301DMLL Module
Professional Communication Skills for the Int Workplace A201CGE Module
Professional Portfolio in Supporting Academic Writing M11CAW Module
Project M40EDN Module
Researching Academic and Professional Writing: Text Focus M06CAW Module
Researching Academic Writing: Practices and Processes M07CAW Module
Students' Union Work Experience: Project Placement A204CSU Module
Supporting Academics, Pg and Prof in Writing for Publication M03CAW Module
Teacher Training Taster A202CES Module
Teacher Training Taster A102CES Module
Teaching Academic Writing M02CAW Module
UK Work Experience Skills for International Students A202CGE Module
Writing Programme Development and Management M05CAW Module

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