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Applied Biosciences CULSCI Subject
Applied Psychology CULPSY Subject
Biological & Chemical Sciences CULBIO Subject
Business & Law CULBUS Subject
Business, Management & Leadership CULMAN Subject
Computing Science CULIT Subject
Counselling CULHSCEL Subject
Cyber Security CULITEL Subject
Digital and Technology Solutions CULDTS Subject
Early Childhood Development & Learning CULHSCEC Subject
Electro-Mechanical Engineering CULEN Subject
Health & Social Care CULHSC Subject
Independent & Supplementary Prescribing CULONUR Subject
Law & Practice CULLEG Subject
Marketing & Public Relations CULMPR Subject
Primary Education & Teaching Studies CULONHSC Subject
Professional Accounting CULAF Subject
Professional Policing CULPRP Subject
Public Health & Community Studies CULHSCPH Subject
Social Work CULHSCW Subject
Sport & Leisure Management CULTHS Subject
Tourism & Hospitality Management CULTH Subject

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There are currently no lists linked to this Faculty.