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Analysing Quantitative Business CUOL-5017SSL Module
Community Preparedness, Recovery and Resilience CUOL-7087EXQ Module
Construction Cost Management CUOL-7111EXQ Module
Creativity, Change & Innovation CUOL-7004CRB Module
CUOL - Principles of Physical Health Assessment CUOL-7002CPD Module
CUOL Management Research Project CUOL-7030HRM Module
CUOL Secure Design and Development CUOL-7032CEM Module
CUOL-7014CRB Curriculum Delivery and Assessment Primary CUOL-7014CRB Module
CUOL-7027CRB Curriculum Delivery and Assessment Secondary CUOL-7027CRB Module
CUOL-7031HRM Management Research Skills CUOL-7031HRM Module
CUOL-7089EXQ Risk, Incidents & Leadership CUOL-7089EXQ Module
CUOL-Behaviour and Classroom Management Primary CUOL-7013CRB Module
CUOL-Behaviour and Classroom Management Secondary CUOL-7026CRB Module
CUOL-Business Continuity and Crisis Management CUOL-7103EXQ Module
CUOL-Communication Skills CUOL-408MAN Module
CUOL-Contemporary Issues and Research Methodologies CUOL-7109EXQ Module
CUOL-Contemporary Issues in Nursing CUOL-7001CPD Module
CUOL-Creating Entrepreneurial Impact CUOL-7002ICTE Module
CUOL-Development of The Teachers’ Standards Primary CUOL-7015CRB Module
CUOL-Development of The Teachers’ Standards Secondary CUOL-7028CRB Module
CUOL-Digital Data Acquisition, Recovery and Analysis CUOL-7028CEM Module
CUOL-Ethical Hacking CUOL-7024CEM Module
CUOL-EXQ Building Information Modelling and Sustainability Practice CUOL-7071EXQ Module
CUOL-Information Management and Decision Making CUOL-407MAN Module
CUOL-Intrusion Detection and Response CUOL-7025CEM Module
CUOL-Leadership Concepts CUOL-405MAN Module
CUOL-Masters Dissertation CUOL-7008CPD Module
CUOL-Motivation and Engagement CUOL-7009PY Module
CUOL-Practical Teaching Practice CUOL-7016CRB Module
CUOL-Pre Contract Management Practice CUOL-7105EXQ Module
CUOL-PreTeach CUOL-7025CRB Module
CUOL-PreTeach CUOL-7021CRB Module
CUOL-Project Planning and Research Skills CUOL-7002PY Module
CUOL-Researching Perspectives and Practice CUOL-7095EXQ Module
CUOL-Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Nursing CUOL-7006CPD Module
CUOL-The Evidence Base for Nursing Practice CUOL-7007CPD Module
CUOL-Work and Well-Being CUOL-7004PY Module
Finance and Accounting for International Students CUOL-5015ACC Module
Foundation Skills for Nursing Care CUOL-F4007FD Module
Leadership of Culture 7032CRB Module
Leadership of People 7033CRB Module
Leadership of Teaching & Learning CUOL-7034CRB Module
Leadership Theory CUOL-7031CRB Module
Learning, Training and Development CUOL-7005PY Module
MA in Educational Leadership CRBT008 Course
Organisational Theory and Behaviour CUOL-7065EXQ Module
PGCE Reading lists PGCE-RL Course
Professional Working Paper (Dissertation) CUOL-7122EXQ Module
Resilience, Security and Emerging Technologies CUOL-7091EXQ Module

Lists linked to CU Online

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CUOL - 7005CPD - Research Methodology, Design & Methods 14/01/2021 11:54:10
CUOL - 7010SSL The Geopolitical, Economic and Legal Environment 21/11/2022 15:40:33
CUOL - 7068EXQ Building Information Modelling Foundation. 07/04/2020 11:43:04
CUOL - 7069EXQ Contemporary Issues & Research in Project Management 25/11/2020 14:28:56
CUOL - M010DL Introduction to Teaching and Learning in HE 25/11/2020 14:25:23
CUOL - M070DL Developing and Enhancing Teaching Practice in Higher Education 25/11/2020 14:24:26
CUOL - MBA 23/11/2022 09:05:52
CUOL-7010PY Literature Review and Business Plan 23/04/2020 07:33:46
CUOL-7064EXQ Project and System Management 29/03/2021 10:03:47
CUOL-7066EXQ Integrated Project - Construction 14/04/2021 14:38:14
CUOL-7113EXQ Strategic Management for Construction and Engineering 21/04/2021 09:29:18