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Name Code Type
Central Registry Board CRB Faculty
Centre for Academic Writing CAW Faculty
Computer Systems and Networks 4065CEM Module
CU Coventry CUC Faculty
CU London Dagenham CULON Faculty
CU Online CUOL Faculty
CU Scarborough CUSC Faculty
CUOL-7014CRB Curriculum Delivery and Assessment Primary CUOL-7014CRB Module
CUOL-Communication Skills CUOL-408MANSC Module
Faculty of Arts and Humanities FAH Faculty
Faculty of Business and Law FBL Faculty
Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing EEC Faculty
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences HLS Faculty
Flying Start 2019_2020 FS Programme
Flying Start 2020_2021 FS2 Programme
Health and Wellbeing H-WB Subject
London Campus LON Faculty
Principles and Practice of Critical Care Nursing 6023CPD Module
Reading Lists Training RL Faculty
Trauma Management 5004SPO Module
Workshops - Coventry Study Essentials BW Subject

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