This module builds upon the continual improvement of practice fostered throughout module one M02ODL (or equivalent) progressing the examination of academic practice at an advanced level. The focus turns to the advanced practice of leading learning, designing excellent learning experiences, creating new knowledge and adopting technology to support the learning expectations of a multi-cultural digitally connected student body. Participants continue to actively engage in the appraisal of current practice and are encouraged to adopt technology to support teaching and learning. The course introduces participants to the wider academic activities (e.g. administration, quality assurance, research, course design, etc.) involving them in a critical review of practice and professional values. Examining the way in which teaching informs research and vice versa encourages consideration of research-teaching linkages and the development of inquiry-led learning experiences to develop graduate attributes within their own courses/modules. Throughout the sharing of practice and networking is actively encouraged across disciplines as participants become involved in individual, collaborative and innovative projects. By the end, participants are able to demonstrate impact in teaching and learning practice as well as being equipped to continue with professional learning and development. Participants are prepared for Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy and Nursing Midwifery Council.

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