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Name Code Type
"Contemporary Legal Issues in Oil, Gas and Energy" M59CLS Module
"Legal Risk Management, Governance and Compliance" 329CLS Module
"Transactional Skills, Negotiation and Legal Drafting" 328CLS Module
Academic and Career Development 285CLS Module
Academic and Personal Development 187CLS Module
Advanced Practical Legal Skills 391CLS Module
Business Law BESU212 Course
Business Writing Skills A201CLS Module
Career Planning and Management 392CLS Module
Company Law 335CLS Module
Company Law 384CLS Module
Comparative Law 186CLS Module
Constitutional and Administrative Law 182CLS Module
Contract Law 181CLS Module
Corporate Social Responsibility in the Oil and Gas Industry M60CLS Module
Criminal Evidence 334CLS Module
Criminal Justice 338CLS Module
Criminal Law 280CLS Module
Criminal Law 1 230CLS Module
Criminal Law 2 330CLS Module
Dissertation M47CLS Module
Employment Law 385CLS Module
English Legal System 180CLS Module
Entrepreneurship 322BSS Module
Environmental Law M26CLS Module
Equity and Trusts 333CLS Module
Equity and Trusts 381CLS Module
European Union Law 283CLS Module
Family and Child Law 337CLS Module
Family Law 386CLS Module
Gender and International Human Rights M18CLS Module
Human Rights and Civil Liberties 382CLS Module
Human Rights and Civil Liberties 345CLS Module
Intellectual Property Law 390CLS Module
Intellectual Property Law 344CLS Module
Interdisciplinary Project 348CLS Module
Interdisciplinary Project (Extended) 349CLS Module
International Business 325BSS Module
International Business Law M05CLS Module
International Business Law M06CLS Module
International Commercial Law 388CLS Module
International Competition Law and Practice M55CLS Module
International Corporate Governance Law M51CLS Module
International Criminal Law 387CLS Module
International Criminal Law M23CLS Module
International Cyber and Digital Law M24CLS Module
International Cyber and Digital Law M29CLS Module
International Environmental Law M28CLS Module
International Environmental Law M27CLS Module
International Human Rights Law M17CLS Module
International Law BESU190 Course
International Law in the Contemporary World Arena M38CLS Module
International Law of Corporate Crime M16CLS Module
International Tax Law M08CLS Module
International Trade Law M07CLS Module
Internship in the Energy Industry M56CLS Module
Islamic Law A209CLS Module
Islamic Law A209DEL Module
Land Law 233CLS Module
Law BESU205 Course
Law and Business Organisations 238CLS Module
Law in Action-Legal knowledge and res skills for non-lawyers A101LAW Module
Law in the Business Environment 185CLS Module
Law in the Global Environment - Year 2 Internat Field Trip 229CLS Module
Law in the Global Environment - Year 3 Internat Field Trip 327CLS Module
Law of Business Organisation 250CLS Module
Law of Diplomatic Relations M40CLS Module
Law of Evidence 383CLS Module
Law of Obligations II (Tort) 231CLS Module
Law of Obligations III 232CLS Module
Law of Sale of Goods and Agency 339CLS Module
Law Study 183CLS Module
Legal Risk Management M57CLS Module
Local Government Law and Process 188CLS Module
Managing the Virtual Organisation 328BSS Module
Nature of Law 184CLS Module
Practical Legal Experience Year 3 Placement 380CLS Module
Practical Legal Skills 284CLS Module
Project 332CLS Module
Property Law 282CLS Module
Public International Law 342CLS Module
Public International Law 389CLS Module
Research Design M46CLS Module
Research Skills M45CLS Module
Research Skills M58CLS Module
Study Abroad 1 290CLS Module
Study Abroad 1 260CLS Module
Study Abroad 2 261CLS Module
Study Abroad 2 291CLS Module
Study Abroad 3 292CLS Module
Study Abroad 3 262CLS Module
Study Abroad part A 263CLS Module
Study Abroad Part A 293CLS Module
Study Abroad Part B 294CLS Module
Study Abroad part B 264CLS Module
Study/Work Placement Abroad Year 2001CLS Module
The Law of the European Union 234CLS Module
The Legal Process (Distance Learning) M49CLS Module
The Role and Skills of the Elected Councillor 189CLS Module
Tort Law 281CLS Module
UK Work Placement 2000CLS Module
Understanding International Business A301CLS Module

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