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Accounting Simulation M164LON Module
Advanced Marketing Strategy 306LON Module
Advanced Project Management - Professional Approaches and Practices M132LON Module
Advancing Career Development 315LON Module
Advancing Career Development 322LON Module
Airline Operations M054LON Module
Algorithmic Trading M118LON Module
Applied International Project Management M130LON Module
Audit, Assurance and Professional Ethics M108LON Module
Banking Regulation and Risk M009LON Module
Business Analysis M116LON Module
Business Analytics and Python Programming M171LON Module
Business and Management essentials for future fashion managers 115LON Module
Business and Management Research Methods M136LON Module
Business and Management Research Methods M001LON Module
Business Management and Decision-Making Process 206LON Module
Business Plan M151LON Module
Business Research Methods 321LON Module
Business Research Project 308LON Module
Business, Strategy and Finance 218LON Module
Buyer Behaviour Analysis - The Psychology of Buying M020LON Module
Buyer Behaviour in a Digital World M087LON Module
Buyer Behaviour in the Luxury Sector M088LON Module
Consumer Behaviour 205LON Module
Corporate and Business Law 108LON Module
Corporate Finance M100LON Module
Corporate Social Responsibility M078LON Module
Creative Industries Live Project 335LON Module
Creative Project Management for the Fashion Industry M140LON Module
Creativity M022LON Module
Creativity and Brand Storytelling M190LON Module
Customer Experience Management in Hospitality and Tourism M044LON Module
Destination Management M126LON Module
Developing Business Practice 302LON Module
Developing Business Skills 323LON Module
Developing People M015LON Module
Digital Fashion Communication M086LON Module
Digital Marketing M065LON Module
Directed Fashion Research 337LON Module
Directed Fashion Research 330LON Module
Dissertation M030LON Module
Dissertation for Accounting, Finance and Economics M161LON Module
Dissertation for Contemporary Fashion Business M141LON Module
Dissertation for International Project Management M137LON Module
Doing Business in Europe 208LON Module
Empirical Finance and Accounting Research Methods M094LON Module
Employability and Career Development 327LON Module
Employee Engagement M085LON Module
Enterprise and Innovation Dissertation M152LON Module
Enterprise and Innovation Internship M153LON Module
Entrepreneurial Finance M172LON Module
Entrepreneurship - Creating a Business Opportunity M059LON Module
Entrepreneurship - Developing the Business Plan M060LON Module
Entrepreneurship and Innov for Int Hosp and Wellness Tourism 395LON Module
Entrepreneurship in a Global Context 207LON Module
Ethics and Quantitative Methods for Finance M095LON Module
Events and Destination Management M047LON Module
Events and Project Management M121LON Module
Experiential Branding and PR for the Luxury Market M089LON Module
Extended Work-based Project 317LON Module
Extended Workplace Project 316LON Module
Fashion and Brand Management M038LON Module
Fashion Buying and Merchandise Mgmt in a Changing Global Ind M048LON Module
Fashion Design and Product Development M036LON Module
Fashion Industry: Context and Careers 331LON Module
Final Major Project A 333LON Module
Finance, Funding and Legislative Frameworks For Success M004LON Module
Financial Derivatives Trading: options, futures and swaps M041LON Module
Financial Enterprise and Social Responsibility M011LON Module
Financial Management 310LON Module
Financial Markets 232LON Module
Financial Reporting and Analysis 210LON Module
Financial Reporting and Analysis M096LON Module
Financial Risk Management M101LON Module
Financial Technologies for Business M169LON Module
Financial Tools and The Legal Environment M155LON Module
Financial Trading Simulation M061LON Module
FinTech Entrepreneurship M173LON Module
Fintech Innovation Strategy and Entrepreneurship M174LON Module
Fintech Landscape and Transformations in Financial Services M175LON Module
Fixed Income, Derivatives and Alternative Investments M107LON Module
Foundations of Organisational Behaviour 104LON Module
From Local to Global: Strategies for International Develop M017LON Module
Fundamentals of Marketing, Communication and Negotiation M131LON Module
Global Business Simulation 320LON Module
Global Business Strategy 6010MHR Module
Global Financial Markets M010LON Module
Global Financial Services Simulation M064LON Module
Global HRM Strategies M016LON Module
Global HRM Strategies M080LON Module
Global Performance Management M112LON Module
Group Consulting Project M029LON Module
Group Consulting Project (Global Business Sim) M028LON Module
Hospitality and Tourism Industry Research Project M120LON Module
Impacts of Oil Production in the Developing World M025LON Module
Individual Consulting Project M139LON Module
Individual Consulting Project M034LON Module
Innovation and Technology in Business M156LON Module
Innovation in Fashion Branding, Trends, and Product Development M142LON Module
Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship 6008MHR Module
Integrated Emergency Management: Practice and Issues M024LON Module
International Accounting Perspectives M012LON Module
International Beauty and Fragrances Marketing Project M143LON Module
International Business Cultures 106LON Module
International Business Strategy 301LON Module
International Business Strategy and Portfolio Management M129LON Module
International Corporate Reporting 311LON Module
International Digital Innovation Fashion Marketing Project M144LON Module
International Environmental Law M026LON Module
International Fashion Marketing M037LON Module
International Finance 314LON Module
International Hospitality and Tourism Marketing M045LON Module
International Hospitality Operations Management 318LON Module
International HRM 304LON Module
International Human Resource Management Simulation M062LON Module
International Investment Analysis 313LON Module
International Luxury Fashion Marketing Project M145LON Module
International Marketing Simulation M063LON Module
International Marketing Strategy 307LON Module
International Strategic Brand Marketing 332LON Module
International Strategic Fashion Marketing and Management M146LON Module
Internship M138LON Module
Internship M027LON Module
Internship for Contemporary Fashion Business M147LON Module
Introduction to Business Accounting 103LON Module
Introduction to contemporary fashion marketing 114LON Module
Introduction to Financial Accounting 107LON Module
Introduction to Marketing 105LON Module
Islamic Finance 326LON Module
Leading in a Changing World M005LON Module
London Fashion Live Project M082LON Module
London Live Fashion Project M165LON Module
Management Accounting for Business Decisions 309LON Module
Management Data Analysis 201LON Module
Managerial Finance for Fashion Business M091LON Module
Managing Emergency, Risk and Safety in Projects M135LON Module
Managing International Trade M018LON Module
Marketing and Customer Experience Management M119LON Module
Marketing Communications 305LON Module
Marketing in a Global Age M003LON Module
New Venture Creation: Idea Generation, Dev and Creation M157LON Module
Oil and Gas Simulation M049LON Module
Operations Management in Hospitality and Tourism M150LON Module
Operations Management in Travel and Tourism M046LON Module
Organisational Behaviour and HRM M051LON Module
People Management and Cross-Cultural Leadership M134LON Module
Performance Management 324LON Module
Portfolio Management M102LON Module
Principles of Financial Investment 212LON Module
Principles of Taxation 211LON Module
Professional and Academic Skills Development 102LON Module
Professional Financial Reporting and Analysis M117LON Module
Professional Practice Portfolio 336LON Module
Project Management M023LON Module
Project Management Simulation M133LON Module
Research Methods for Finance and Accounting 213LON Module
Research Methods in Fashion M148LON Module
Resourcing and Talent Management M079LON Module
Retail and Services Marketing M019LON Module
Retail Enterprise - Marketing and Management M092LON Module
Risk Analysis and Financial Modelling M099LON Module
Risk and RegTech M176LON Module
SAP 1 HANA M109LON Module
Scaling a Business M158LON Module
Self-Directed Fashion Communication and Production Project M149LON Module
Stochastic Finance M081LON Module
Strategic Fashion Business Management Consultancy Project M167LON Module
Strategic International Fashion Brand Immersion M166LON Module
Strategic Management M115LON Module
Strategy, Marketing and Management of Sustainable Enterprise M159LON Module
Supply Chain and Operations Management 214LON Module
Sustainable Strategy - from Planning to Implementation M002LON Module
Talent and Finance Management for Future Fashion Managers M168LON Module
Taxation M113LON Module
The Economic Environment of Business 101LON Module
The Environment and Sustainability - an Industry Perspective M007LON Module
Tourism Destinations Management 319LON Module
Trading Economics M039LON Module
Trend Prediction and Fashion Forecasting M035LON Module
Understanding Enterprise: Theory and Practice M160LON Module
Understanding Financial Accounting and Reporting M040LON Module
Valuation of Equities and Fixed Income M097LON Module
Valuation of Securities and Equity Trading M042LON Module
Workplace Project 303LON Module

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